Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekly Goals: Fitness, Financial & Personal

OK--seriously, I tried to make it through last week without writing down my goals and totally failed myself!

Here are this weeks goals:
Tone It Up Plan- Tuesday-Sunday  You can find the plan here!
Run one mile x 3 days
Bike 1/2 hour x 3 days
Attend at least one group class
(I checked into Pure Barre, and am just not up for paying $18 per class!  I called a local gym and have to stop to pick up the schedule today on my way home from work)
Since we're going to a concert on Thursday, I'm allowing myself to eat out, but I'll only have 6 wings at BDubbs with a side salad and one Mich Ultra.
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Since I've been spending money like it's going out of style (mom and dad's b-days! and M&F's day), I've decided to really start cracking down on myself.  Only purchases this week (T-S):
-grocery shopping
-dinner on Thursday night (taking hubbs out because it's his Birthday!-28-whoa!)
-day care (due Wednesday)
-car payment/insurance
-house payment
-$40 dollars extracurricular--it is 4th of July weekend, afterall

-menu planning
-kicking butt at work (super productive little Tuesday, if I do say so myself!)
-Teagan's clothes sorted and organized
-blog updates T-F
-S'mores and BBQ at least once over the weekend

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