Friday, March 23, 2012

Current Favorites

Call these my current favorites, call them obsessions, call them what you will, but these are just a few of my indulgences that are helping through weeks 30-31 of pregnancy ;)
EOS lip gloss-- I have the tropical fruit, but want to try the other flavors!

These suckers have 9g of fiber in them and are the perfect fix for those evil 3PM chocolate cravings!
Hot Pink nail polish...need for vacation:)
I love pink nails. period. 
Also in love with this chap stick.  Makes my lips feel like  SILK! 
These itty bitties are just too much.  Can't.get.enough!
YUP--polished a bag of these off in two days.  OOPS!
Making drinking 400 oz of water (it seems like that much) much more enjoyable!
One of my new favorite blogs!  Adventures of Decorating!  So CUTE and inspiring! & I found this banner at  TARGET!
That's all for now.  Hoping to spend some time in Juliana's nursery this weekend and Springify our home :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Wish List & A Pay Raise!!

Hey there!  The sun is shining, the grass is green and I just noticed this morning that my apple blossom tree, in my front yard, is in full bloom I just had to Google what type of tree I have in my front yard, OMG!  Today is supposed to be 80 degrees--almost of unheard of for the Mitten State in March!  Needless to say, it's kind of hard not to be in a good mood :)

(this is not my tree, but I hope mine turns out to be this gorgeous!)

I'm just now getting over my 11 day (but who's counting) stint of sickness.  BLAH!  I literally have not been sick in years, and this cold that I'm recovering from kicked my ASS!  Ear ache and all.  EWWWWWW!

Anyways, things are starting to look up for this girl, and I couldn't be happier.  I received a phone call yesterday morning that, I believe, was the turning point for my two weeks of misery that I've been experiencing.  I'm pretty sure the Big Man upstairs had something to do with it, as I have been praying every single day for his guidance and support :)

 --Back to that phone call--

So my boss calls to tell me that I have just been given a $5,000 raise because of all of my hard work and dedication that I have given to my team in my newly appointed position as 'Team Leader.'  WHAAAAT?!   I know that I am very underpaid for what I do, but for crying out loud, I work for a non profit, and getting that kind of a raise is almost unheard of around here!  LOL!  Instant gratification instilled upon me, and I literally wanted to reach through the phone and hug my boss!!

So what are we doing this weekend?  We're celebrating, my friends.  Not with cold beer and good food, like we normally would if I wasn't preggo, but we are going shopping and out to lunch with our two year old. :)  The weekend cannot come soon enough.

Here are just a few things that are on my wishlist...

Cute flowy dresses to wear in these final weeks of pregnancy and also post baby...
 So cute :) love the pattern
Nautical inspired cuteness...

 Love this outfit!--this summer!

Statement necklaces--preferably some big PEARLS!

Chunky necklace

RUFFLES--lots of ruffles!

cute blouse.

Bright colored jewelry!
chunky. cute!


pretty yellow dress  $59
all images from my Pinterest site which can be found HERE!

Let's be honest, our trip will not be complete without purchasing our Teagie Tot her favorite pair of summer shoes--- crocodile dundees AKA CROCS--don't judge, they're cute and practical--for a two year old :)

Talk to you tomorrow-- wait, WHAT?  Two posts in one week?  Yup that's right, I'm doing a Current Favorites post tomorrow, so come by and check it out!! :) :) :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 29 & BABY'S NAME!

How far along?/Weeks Highlights: 29 weeks, 3 days...74 days to go! 
I had my Glucose Test this week, and the results showed that my sugar was a bit high-I honestly don't even remember what the nurse told me it was, but she referred me to come back and do the 3 hr Glucose Test--YUCK!  Also had to do this with Teagan, and my results came back normal after the 3hr, so I'm not freaking out too badly yet.  I have definitely changed my eating habits and activity levels.  Now that the weather is getting nicer, it's a lot easier to want to do good for my body!

Size of the babe? About the length of a loaf of bread (about three pounds)
Weight Gain: 22 pounds--up to 176-ahhh! (I've officially surpassed the amount of lbs gained during my first pregnancy. On  a good note, that's nearly what I weighed before I even got pregnant with Teagan!)
Cravings: Energy bites (taste like oatmeal cookie dough, but are packed with protein), teddy grahams, grapes, strawberries, apple juice.
Symptoms: Aside from feeling large and in charge, I haven't been getting much sleep lately. Extreme hip pain in both hips, too.  
Movement: Baby moves around ALL the time.  Pretty sure she's going to be a gymnast.  Definitely a little dancer :) 
Baby to-do list: We've transitioned Teagan into her big girl bed, and moved the crib into the baby's room.  
Things to do before the end of March: wash crib bedding, letters for Juliana's room, dresser organization for both the girls, changing table moved and set up in baby girl's room.
Maternity Clothes: Only wearing maternity jeans/pants now (size 10).  Loving dresses-both maternity and regular. Cardigans and scarves nearly every day :)  
Baby Buys: A few weeks ago, we went on a mini shopping spree for baby Juliana.  She now has a mini wardrobe of new clothes in addition to the tons and tons of clothes she gets as hand me downs from her big sister.
Gender/Baby Names: My husband and I couldn't stand it any longer!!  We finally decided to find out what we're having, and have decided on HER name :)  Juliana Kate <3  So super excited!

Still deciding on nursery themes/colors, but I am loving this yellow!
Handmade Wooden Letters
Yellow & Pink Nursery: Love the simplicity and the color combination!
Handprint Tutu