Monday, September 19, 2011

Early Symptoms

So, hubs and I have told NO ONE.  That's right.! about what I am about to reveal on this little blog.  Thankfully, no one is interested enough I don't have many followers at the moment ;)  So, here I am telling the absolute biggest secret of all time to the virtual world!

I've taken two pregnancy tests which have both revealed a big fat POSITIVE.  OK, so one was a cheapo Family Dollar version, and I couldn't really tell if the positive in the window was accurate or if my pee had just made the colors run to show a positive test.  That was, until, hubs and I got all kinds of excited, celebrated with my favorite dinner (PIZZA HUT!), and stopped at Rite-Aid for some ClearBlue digital tests.  $15 dollars later, and we can finally put our doubts with the cheapo test to bed.

I'm freaking PREGGO!!!  We are soooooo beyond excited!  My first appointment is October 11, 2011 at 9:30AM and we'll be confirming that an itty bitty is on the way!!  Thinking we'll be celebrating bundle of joy in mid-May 2012.

So here are some early symptoms I've been experiencing:
-I'm freaking tired.
-Sensitive gums & teeth.
-I'm hungry. always.
-My face is broken out.
-I have a headache from he double l!  right on the top of my head.
-I can't remember the last time I slept through the night. Oh wait, yeah, I can, it was about 2 months ago.  pre-pregs
-Cravings:  hot sauce!  Pizza and chocolate.
-I have a mother's intuition that we're having a strong, healthy baby BOY!
-I'm freaking tired!
I can't wait to share this news with our family and friends and to start growing a baby bump.  I'm going through this pregnancy in style!  I have a  little maternity stash from Old Navy that I got last summer when they were having a huge online sale!

Monday, September 5, 2011


It's about time I start spending some time with my little blog.  I love reading other blog posts, but more often than not, I'm uninspired to come up with a post myself.  I'm fairly certain that once hubs gets us our iphones next month, I will be a blogging machine.  I just think it's so much more fun to post pics that I take myself, and having to upload them with the digital camera is such a pain in the ass.

That being said, I have a new-found love for a little website called no, seriously, LOVE IT!  Talk about inspiration.  I've already tried a few of the diy ideas, and have been so happy with how they've turned out.  (Again, would love to post pics of my finished products, but it's too much of a hassle!)  Here are some project that I've completed or am in the process of completing for Fall 2011!  
*All photos are courtesy of

Fall decorating.
So cute, easy & festive
toy room project
Such a cute idea to hang T's artwork.
monogrammed pumpkins- use scrapbook paper or fabric scraps + mod podge!!
This year, Hubs, Teag and I are taking a different approach to our usual painted pumpkins!
Ice Cream Bowl baby gift. It includes a couple of onesies, two baby washcloths, a baby spoon, and an ice cream bowl.
I made this for an expecting friend--CUTE!
menu dry erase board
No more menus printed from Excel for us!
What you will need:
white paper with letters printed out OR White paper with alphabet stickers placed on top: 0-$2.00 
2 bags smooth round glass stones- Dollar Tree- $2.00 26 Magnets optional: $3.50- $6.00
 other items
e6000 glue
 mod podge
Can never have too many magnets.
where you met. where you married. where you honeymooned. sweet idea
Project for our bedroom--maps of where we met, where we married, and where we honeymooned!