Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 29 & BABY'S NAME!

How far along?/Weeks Highlights: 29 weeks, 3 days...74 days to go! 
I had my Glucose Test this week, and the results showed that my sugar was a bit high-I honestly don't even remember what the nurse told me it was, but she referred me to come back and do the 3 hr Glucose Test--YUCK!  Also had to do this with Teagan, and my results came back normal after the 3hr, so I'm not freaking out too badly yet.  I have definitely changed my eating habits and activity levels.  Now that the weather is getting nicer, it's a lot easier to want to do good for my body!

Size of the babe? About the length of a loaf of bread (about three pounds)
Weight Gain: 22 pounds--up to 176-ahhh! (I've officially surpassed the amount of lbs gained during my first pregnancy. On  a good note, that's nearly what I weighed before I even got pregnant with Teagan!)
Cravings: Energy bites (taste like oatmeal cookie dough, but are packed with protein), teddy grahams, grapes, strawberries, apple juice.
Symptoms: Aside from feeling large and in charge, I haven't been getting much sleep lately. Extreme hip pain in both hips, too.  
Movement: Baby moves around ALL the time.  Pretty sure she's going to be a gymnast.  Definitely a little dancer :) 
Baby to-do list: We've transitioned Teagan into her big girl bed, and moved the crib into the baby's room.  
Things to do before the end of March: wash crib bedding, letters for Juliana's room, dresser organization for both the girls, changing table moved and set up in baby girl's room.
Maternity Clothes: Only wearing maternity jeans/pants now (size 10).  Loving dresses-both maternity and regular. Cardigans and scarves nearly every day :)  
Baby Buys: A few weeks ago, we went on a mini shopping spree for baby Juliana.  She now has a mini wardrobe of new clothes in addition to the tons and tons of clothes she gets as hand me downs from her big sister.
Gender/Baby Names: My husband and I couldn't stand it any longer!!  We finally decided to find out what we're having, and have decided on HER name :)  Juliana Kate <3  So super excited!

Still deciding on nursery themes/colors, but I am loving this yellow!
Handmade Wooden Letters
Yellow & Pink Nursery: Love the simplicity and the color combination!
Handprint Tutu


  1. I love the yellow in the nursery!!! found your blog through another blog I read. btw the name you picked out is precious!!