Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 22

I first want to start out by saying THANK YOU so much to the beautiful Dana at Real Life, Real Estate, Real Dana for the nice shout out, she gave me a couple weeks ago. It is so encouraging to know that a veteran Blogger cares enough to post my link on her page--and I was shocked when I saw that my followers have increased-- even if it was just a wee bit!!

Now onto some updating on BABY #2! Lance and I found out we were expecting our second baby back in September 2011. We are SO excited, but I was a bit let down when I found out my due date was a couple weeks later than I had suspected. We will be welcoming our new bundle of joy on or around May 21, 2012! Our daughter, Teagan, will be a BIG sister, and we are so freaking excited!! I'm officially committing to Tuesday's to do my weekly update blog post! So, here we go:

How far along? 22 weeks, 1 day...125 days to go!
Size of the babe? A spaghetti squash (about one pound)
Weight Gain: 14 pounds--up to 166--but I'm definitely fully aware and getting these ridiculous cravings under control!!

cheesecake bars-WW!

Fudgy Coconut Valentine Brownies 

choc eclair cake - no bake 

Cravings: Lately, I've been craving SWEETS (can ya tell?!)--graham crackers and milk, rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip frosting!, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting & peanut butter. Hoping that getting back to our weekly meal planning AND sticking to it will help to reduce the weight gain...:) Thanks Pinterest!
Symptoms: I think I have a mild case of restless leg syndrome, but other than that, I've been feeling GREAT! Aside from my growing belly (and missing running so much!), I don't really even feel pregnant.
Movement: Hubby finally got to experience feeling the baby move last week (21 wks)! I've been feeling the baby super low this time around. Melts.my.heart <3
Baby to-do list: There are lots of things I would like to get done to prep for baby, but the first on our list is going to be getting Teagan into her big girl bed so that we can start putting together the nursery. It's just so hard to move her out of her crib when we don't have to... she LOVES her crib, and we love knowing that she is safe and confined once we put her to bed while she is still awake.
Maternity Clothes: I'm fitting into my size 12 jeans without any problem. I am loving my new favorite Old Navy full front maternity dress pants. I have them in khaki and black, but I need to get a couple more pairs! Also, just scored some Motherhood Maternity khaki dress pants on Ebay for a whopping $1.99 (8.00) with shipping! They're so cute and comfy! Really loving leggings and long tunics/dresses right now.
Baby Buys: Since we originally decided that we would not be finding out the gender of this baby, it is has been so stinking hard to buy clothes, blankets and everything baby related, really! These days I swear they do not make anything gender neutral. You get either blue or pink accents in EVERYTHING! ugh! I did buy a couple lots of clothes from an online re-sale site. I think I got about 20 sleepers for $30--all in boy colors sizes 0-6months--all in brand new condition!
Gender/Baby Names: I have an ultrasound on Thursday, and my husband has ALMOST persuaded me to find out the gender. almost. I still say BOY!

Here are some names that I really like: 
Boy:                             Girl:
Graham                       Juliana
Grayson                      Marlena               


  1. So cute! Love the names! I like Juliana for a girl and Grayson for a boy! My cousin just name her baby Grayson! It's a cute name!

  2. Cute names :) Can't wait to see what you pick ;)