Friday, March 23, 2012

Current Favorites

Call these my current favorites, call them obsessions, call them what you will, but these are just a few of my indulgences that are helping through weeks 30-31 of pregnancy ;)
EOS lip gloss-- I have the tropical fruit, but want to try the other flavors!

These suckers have 9g of fiber in them and are the perfect fix for those evil 3PM chocolate cravings!
Hot Pink nail polish...need for vacation:)
I love pink nails. period. 
Also in love with this chap stick.  Makes my lips feel like  SILK! 
These itty bitties are just too much.  Can't.get.enough!
YUP--polished a bag of these off in two days.  OOPS!
Making drinking 400 oz of water (it seems like that much) much more enjoyable!
One of my new favorite blogs!  Adventures of Decorating!  So CUTE and inspiring! & I found this banner at  TARGET!
That's all for now.  Hoping to spend some time in Juliana's nursery this weekend and Springify our home :)

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  1. Love pink nailpolish!!!!! And I could eat an entire bag of Raisinets also... not pregnant haha!