Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekly Goals: Fitness, Financial & Personal

Whew...long time no blog.  I've been following some of my favorite Bloggers, but haven't had the motivation or inspiration to update my own.  OMG, there are so many GREAT blogs out there!

So, here I am.  Lacking several blogging skills, but nonetheless, today I'm feeling inspired and motivated to hold myself accountable for what I want in life.  I've currently become obsessed  motivated to lose 20 lbs before July 17, 2011.  OK, that may be a bit extreme in the goal department, but I'm going to try like heck to make it happen.

Fitness Goals:
-Fill water bottle while at work x 4 times
-Walk the trail during lunch x 5 days
-Run one mile x 4 days
-Bike ride with my family x 3 days
-100 crunches x 5 days
-50 push ups x 5 days
-NO eating out
-Find a step class/work out class to join at least 3x per week I'm seriously considering checking out my local
pure barre technique

Financial Goals:
-Pay all bills
-Set up monthly budget
-Only spend $20 on extracurricular items

Personal Goals:
-Blog at least once per day
-Post clothes on EBay/Craigslist
-NOT complain at or about work
-NOT complain when I get home from work
-Reschedule family pics
-Tanning appointment
-Attend Sunday Mass
-Pick out T's wardrobe for the week
-Pick out my wardrobe for the week
-Wake Up at 6:00AM every day
-Blow dry hair at least 2x this week
-Eat dinner outside at least 3x this week (weather permitting)


  1. Go Mommy of One !

    You have inspired me to lose the extra 15!

  2. Go YOU!!! Weight loss is so addictive. Good luck! :)