Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Obsessions

 Super shimmery eyeshadows: Especially Hard Candy duo in High Maintenance.

Nail Polish:
I'm giving essie another try.  Particularly-turquoise & caicoschinchilly & pansy :)  A while ago, I heard all of the buzz about how amazing this polish is and how all of the celebrities are hooked on it, I went out and bought Ballet Slippers.  When I put it on my nails, I wasn't impressed.  Perhaps it was the color that I chose, but I didn't think that the quality of the polish was worth the $8.

White Jeans:  I got mine from Old Navy for $3.98--in a size 8 might I add!  They're CUTE!

Jewelry:  Cheap jewelry!  I'm loving Forever21's ridiculously cheap prices and SUPER cute jewelry.  They dress up the most basic t's.

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