Friday, June 17, 2011

5 Things Friday

1. I'm heading to a baseball game tonight with my two sisters, 15 month old, hubs, cousin, dad and dad's wife (she actually prefers to be called that over stepmom!).  The funny part is, one of my sister's, Lexi, isn't my dad's daughter.  The cool thing is that that same sweet sister (who also happens to be the most well-rounded 16 yr old I know) is taking one for the team to be me and hubs' DD!  Love you, Lex!

2. I'm really considering working the second part of the day from home so that I can go running, clean the house and take a shower before tonight's festivities.

3. It took a lot for me to MIS-match Teagie's clothes this morning for 'Mismatch' day at daycare.  I literally cringed when I dressed her in a navy and white polk-a-dot cardigan, green and white striped tank, and pink capris, with flowered socks and dress shoes, but then I remembered how fun it was to be participate in school spirit!!!  She still looked CUTE!

4. I have a million coupons on my kitchen table, a ton of baseball card holders in my car, and this weekend, I'm planning on clipping and organizing so I can be like those Extreme Couponers on TLC!

5. I've done so well on my goals this week, and I'm VERY proud of my sitck-to-it-ness!

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