Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DIY: Salon Quality at a Bargain Price

For many months now, I've been using Revlon hair color in Golden Blonde, and I swear my hair has never looked better!  My love for this magic potion started the night before my wedding.  Yes, that's right, I took a huge leap of faith when I decided to color my chocolate brown hair with medium blonde highlights to a GOLDEN BLONDE! 

I'm one to look for a bargain, and when I came across the Revlon Color Silk hair color for $3.12 (with tax) per box, I decided to give it a try.  Three boxes of color later--remember I was coloring my hair from brown to blonde and I have middle-of-the back hair length--and I had the prettiest golden blonde that you ever did see.  The usual green tint that I usually end up with when trying to put blonde on my naturally brown hair is something of the past.

Six months later of only doing root touch ups with this product, and I'm still getting compliments all the time on my hair color!  Talk about salon quality at a bargain price!!

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