Sunday, March 13, 2011

Goodbye Carbs: Let's Go!

I had a major let down on Friday when I weighed in.  I was so happy after last week's weigh in where I was 154.7...but then we had a birthday party and a night out with friends, and after a whole week of eating cakes, party dips, buffalo wings, beer---all things (CARBS!) that I haven't had in a very long time---the scale proved what they will do to you!!  I gained three pounds putting me back at 157.

So I'm buckling down, and this week I'm on a mission to lose 7 lbs.  Yes, I know that seven pounds is not a very realistic goal for long term weight loss, but if I can make this happen that means that I will be down 18lbs sine BL started 12 weeks ago and possibly be announced the winner!!  AND seven pounds is still very realistic for the remaining six weeks we have left until vacation!  Goodbye carbs (well, except fruit & veggies)! 

Here's what I'll be eating this week Sunday-Friday:
Sunday: water all day long, d: steak and brussel sprouts
Monday: b: (1) hard boiled egg, l: turkey & cheese, s: (6) almonds, d: bbq chicken & zuchinni
Tuesday: b: greek yogurt w. blackberries, l: tuna fish & cucumber, s: orange, d: meatballs, mozzerella
Wednesday: b: flax seed meal w. peanut butter, l: turkey & cheese, d: buffalo chicken & grilled peppers
Thursday: b: greek yogurt w. blackberries, l: banana w. pbutter, s: chicken & broccoli
Friday: weigh in in the morning! s: FiberOne bar, d: FISHFRY! :)))
Saturday: grocery shopping & menu planning for next week.

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