Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday, Cricut & Amazing Inlaws

Wow! Things sure have changed! Yesterday I turned 25, and although I've completely given up drinking in its entirety, I spent my day a lot differently than I would have even a few months ago. I spent my day doing things that make me me :) I woke up around 6:00am. My husband was getting ready for work-yuck for him having to work on my birthday :( -- somehow I met him in the kitchen as he was placing my present on the counter--The present that was actually from my inlaws, and 100% unexpected!

I've always had an interest in crafting. I wouldn't necessarily call myself crafty, but I definitely enjoy the hobby. A couple months ago, I mentioned that I wanted to get into scrap booking and my husband encouraged me by saying it would be a good way to capture T's life. I told him about the Cricut, which I frequently see on late night infomercials. I kind of think he was relieved that he was good to go as far as my birthday present was concerned.

That was a couple weeks ago. Since, I've told my husband that I don't want him spending that kind of money on me for my birthday and that a nice notebook for journaling would suffice. So--as I noticed that the printer-size box was actually the Cricut that I have been longing for, I became extremely emotional. When Lance told me it was from his parents and they said that 'you deserve it,' my eyes automatically filled with tears. My inlaws are the type of people that will give you the shirt of their backs and expect nothing in return. True Givers.

Of course, I spent a majority Saturday playing with my new Cricut. I created a thank you card for them to show them my gratification and wrote a little note to that expressed my thanks and appreciation for the gifts as well as allowing me to be their daughter inlaw :)

In addition to the quality time I spent with my new gadget, I also spent all day hanging with T and our Yorkie, Frankie, we went for a walk around the neighborhood and hung out in the yard. Afterwards, I baked myself a whole pan of brownies, and then, got to celebrate the gorgeous spring evening with my husband and inlaws enjoying pizza. My hubby and I attempted to watch 'The Black Swan,' but, as always, I barely made it through the credits. Overall, my 25th birthday was a GREAT one :)))

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