Monday, February 14, 2011

Menu Mondays!

We are about to embark on my daughter's first birthday! OMG! I can't fathom the fact that last year at this time my husband and I were awaiting the arrival of our new bundle of joy.  So much has happened in the past year--So much has happened in the past nine months, since I've last blogged.  Slacker, I know!  I'll share a little secret with you that I haven't been slacking weight loss success!

I'm currently participating in a biggest loser challenge at work.  Day 1, January 3, 2011, I weighed in at 168lbs--11lbs lighter than I was when I first started my blog back in May 2010!  My steady decline in weight did not disappoint at last weeks weigh in where the scales read 158!  I've lost 21 freaking pounds since I've had my baby girl almost a year ago! 

Healthy living is something that has become very contagious around my household.  My husband and I are so much happier and creating a home environment that will do great things for our little bundle of joy, baby T!  I'm thinking Mondays seem like an appropriate time to share my weekly menu plan. Menu Mondays, anyone? 

Monday: b-blackberries, s- orange, l-cottage cheese & (4) celery sticks w. p-butter, d-chicken fajita wraps w. avocado
Tuesday: b-greek yogurt & frozen blackberries, s-(6) almonds, (1) hard boiled egg & cottage cheese, d-lasagna bowl w. eggplant
Wednesday: b-banana w. pb, s-string cheese, l-tuna & celery, d-french onion soup & roast beef lettuce wraps
Thursday: b-(1) scrambled egg, s-(6) almonds, l-turkey, cottage cheese & cucumber, d-chicken breast & aspargus
Friday: b-greek yogurt & frozen blackberries, s-string cheese, l-leftover soup, d-stuffed mushrooms & brussel sprouts
Saturday: b-(2) eggs w. spinach/mushrooms, s-cottage cheese, l-turkey roll up, d-spicy chicken fingers & baked beans
Sunday: b-breakfast burrito, s-string cheese, d-bacon cheeseburgers & zuchinni

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